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I have several great reusable shopping bags: one with an island scene, another which rolls up into a
pouch to look like a strawberry, and another classic black number from my favorite Bay Area Italian
deli – to name a few. Unfortunately, I tend to forget these totes at home when I need them most. So I
fill my purse to the brim with produce, juggle the rest in my arms and hope that I won’t spill the carton
of eggs in the parking lot.
It can be difficult to form new habits; however, if you are
determined to ditch the plastic bags for example, or reduce your
carbon footprint as a whole, it is a commendable and achievable
goal. Whether you simply recycle, install energy efficient appliances,
or outfit your home to capture solar heat and energy, there are
numerous ways to make a contribution to the environment.
Communities and countries all over the globe are aware of the
importance of preserving our eco-systems but it is nothing new
here in Hawaii. Among The Islands there has always been a deep
love and respect for the ‘aina.
If you are interested in learning more about turning your house
into a green home, I invite you to contact me or get in touch
with one of the Realtors or Industry Professionals in Pacific
Luxury Living™ and Luxury Home Magazine ®. We can put you in
touch with LEED® certified professionals, eco-friendly product
distributors, or help you find a pre-existing sustainable luxury
home of your own!
Our ohana knows that the publishing industry has an impact on the environment. We want to make sure
that each printed issue gets into as many hands as possible; so don’t be surprised if you find an older copy
turn up at an unexpected location. We don’t want anything to go to waste!
Maresa Giovannini
Editor in Chief
Aloha fromMaresa